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World AIDS Day

December 1. marks the World AIDS Day. The Parliamentarian Forum on Human Rights believes in human rights for all, and supports the principles of non-discrimination laid down in the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Despite of the Declaration’s principle of non-discrimination, people with HIV and aids have suffered from discrimination and mistreatment. There exists many myths about the virus, how it spreads and and who gets it. Furthermore, people living with HIV/aids are exposed of a range of prejudices and misconceptions, and becomes the victims of human right violations through out the world. The World AIDS Day’s primary aim is to spread awareness about the HIV/aids and stop the virus from spreading. PFHR supports this work, and wish to contribute to reach the goal. It is crucial to stop the prejudices about the people living with the virus, and secure their enjoyment of the universal human rights.

To read more about the Parliamentarian Forum on Human Rights – for Global Development’s work on HIV/AIDS, see:



To read more about World AIDS Day, see: http://www.worldaidsday.org/




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