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The connectivity with people I love is again back by start writing in this web. Since I was Minister for Commerce and Industry in Government in
Dr Manmohan Singh government I was having the feeling that my writing should not taken as Government view. But I am in opposition in the Parliament . More Madam Sonia Gandhi ji kind enough to recognise my commitment to Party recommended to Chairman of Rajya sabha ( Senate) to Chair the Parliamentary Standing committee on Personnel, Public Grievances , Law and Justice.

Hence I thought to revive the connectivity to the people on sensitive and pro democracy matters in this page. To start with I am putting very simple thought provoking issues by allowing space for your comments and further expand with more and more thought sharing and reporting the events happening.

Democracy in India is going through a high intensity of assimilation, actualization and realization of the grammatical meaning of the democracy. The Union government is suffering due to misunderstanding the governance and allowing dictatorship in small dosage which never happened in Indian democracy  known for decades for ‘liberal democracy’, can not succeed in governance as the very governing tool – the machinery is not ready to implement the policy as they could not do it when their habituated working pattern is threatened by the force. The same emerging dictatorship in the Party and Government is being enforced without the participation of the people and unknown beneficiary of such implementation of one man’s policy formulation as prescription of physician in India who is not legally prohibited from giving drugs without proper convincing and soliciting the cooperation of the patient as in the case of law in western countries’ obligation of the physician.

At the same time the State Governments are facing their own problems, but the Union government has not shown even a small response as to the happening. Take the example of drought and scarcity of rain has already started to create the agony to the poor people in some part of India while In Jammu and Kashmir , Andhra Predesh flood has created havoc , Neither the State government nor the Union government had started any dialog with the affected people. The same way of flying on Air and looking down on the poor and needy as king of a country and granting and announcing paltry sum and Chief Ministers showing their inability to help the victims and requesting donation from public continues. 

Where is the role for the elected Local Government ,people and Instituions of those areas. The National Disaster Management Act is the act of Parliament to create and make ‘live body’ to create the Pyramid structure by research  and mobilisation of informations and create availability of resources at the disposal of local bodies who are accountable to victims. 
The aspiration of the People who enacted the Act is to see that democracy is making the system to work. It is not for colonial way of suspecting the the Local Administration and put new and few officials to verify the real need and sanction from Kitty after the a period of suffering and undergoing agony. The calamity loss is repetition from the days British colonial rule Bengal famine. 

By using the the most modern methods of scientific inventions there is enough system chain is available to assess the damages and rush the rehabilitation process without waiting for state machinery to blowup the needs and get the money by the intermediary government and make the third tier government dominated by State officials rather the elected bodies and socials group involvement , is yet another creation of corruption even in disaster. 

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