Democracy v People’s liberation

Democracy v People’s liberation

It is very strange to understand the pith and substance of the word democracy in the practicing way. Because the democracy is as it is understood that every one of the citizen gets the emancipation in economic, social, civil,political and cultural rights. One can see the engraving in the North black of New Delhi secretariat ‘ Liberty to individual can not be achieved but for hard work’ Today is the 28 th year of Martyrdom of INDIRA Gandhi. A brave lady fought for the liberation of millions of Indian citizens neighbour countries, from poverty, illiteracy and bonded labour. She used the means of democracy and the constitution for achieving goal. She had achieved it in measurable ways. What was the end for that achievement – defeat through the same means of democratic process the elections , using the other leaders by the exploiters by hiding behind them and branding her as dictator and levelling allegation that she crumbled the liberty of people. Again she won through democracy but she was assassinated by the exploiters using false sensation.

Again Rajiv Gandhi tried and succeeded to liberate the people through democratic governance utilising most modern scientific Indian resources. He was defeated by the same exploiters using democracy as the tool and blaming him with false allegation of corruption ,against which he waged the war. He was about to repeat the history of his mother by coming to power using democracy but he was assassinated causing loss to the millions of poor people’s liberation.

We are painfully witnessing the history of using democracy against the People’s Liberation. Can India with stand such attacks on the People’s Liberty using the democracy. Our neighbour is getting the appreciation of the world for achieving the fastest economic development using the tool of communist dictatorship and system correction every decade silently . They also admit that millions of people needed to be liberated in the western half of China.

What are the differences between the twins of the world. It is the biggest and toughest question to be answered. Let us try by plain historical events and happenings. It may be a long argument for many months but let us try.

Kindly participate in this dialogue through email in web.

Dr.E.M. Sudarsana Natchiappan.
Member of Parliament

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