Young Managers learn every minute……

Address by the Hon. Chief Guest

Dr E M Sudarsana Natchiappan

Hon. Member of Parliament-Rajya Sabha

It is indeed an honour and a privilege to be invited to deliver a special address on the occasion of the 1st Graduation Day Ceremony of this reputedEducational Institution, SNT Global Academy of Management Studies and Technology.

I stand here today, to deliver a special address on this special occasion in the life of the graduates seated in solemn manner in front of me. This day is special for graduates and the Institution as both see the fruits of their efforts. I have alwaysbeen stressing the importance of the MBA programs offered by reputed Institutions like SNT GAMSAT, to the young graduates like you, as it is directly correlated to the economic growth of our Country.

The happenings in the past and present in the National and International arena portray the plethora of opportunities available for MBA graduates and alsothe challenges you are going to face in this competitive business world. As a young budding manager, that will not only sharpen your practical knowledge and experience, but also will boost your self-esteem and courage in taking shrewd and quality decisions at times of crisis in your official as well as personal life.

I am extremely happy that the SNT Trust under the stewardship of itsChairman, Vice-Chairman cum Principal and the Secretary, has shown great sagacity and forethought in focusing on creating young budding managers with its well designed plan for Academic training, coaching and counseling with the help of well experienced Faculty by providing state of the art infrastructure & facilities.Thanks to the efforts undertaken by them, the result of the first batch isexcellent.

As an MP and scholar, I can assure you that without history we cannot understand the present or anticipate the future. Let me remind you young graduates that the history of British conquest in India started not on the battlefields of Plassey with Robert Clive. Rather it started with Macaulay’s ‘Minutes’ of 1837 where he advocated the British educational system for Indian schools and colleges. Though the British left our shores more than 60 years ago, we still continue almost the same system. I mention this just to point out the long term impact of education in the transmission of culture. We need to have a relook at the way our education system is progressing and our Government is already doing a lot in this regard.

As a nation-building programme can leave no part of the nation untouched, education must cover a wide range of disciplines and fields. Educational Institutions can help the nation in giving economic vitality, scientific prowess, a broad outline of social change and global competitiveness, through innovation and research. The activities of good Educational Institutions must also strive to contribute to the richness of the cultural, literary and social aspects of human behavior.

Educational Institutions undoubtedly, are store houses of knowledge, but intelligent can grow best in a disciplined manner. Indeed, discipline is an essential attribute of any successful organization or an accomplished individual. I believe discipline should be self-discipline, as imposed discipline often defeats its purpose.Discipline also helps in better time management and, I would urge that some time must be kept for social work. It is in this context, that I often emphasis the need for Educational Institutions to have outreach programs, through which students will interact with local communities and understand their issues. Those who are educated must contribute their efforts for the upliftment of the disadvantaged sections of society. This way you can become messengers of change.

Education should be a process that make an individual complete in all respect. Gandhiji said, a nation needs, “strong souls, strong brains, strong arms”. Clearly, education is about knowledge, but knowledge without value is incomplete. It is like a flower without fragrance. Education should impart good value to the youth that needs them sensitive to fellow human beings, and the environs around them. Good health is also important for performing any activity. Students should improve their physical fitness by participating in sports and athletics.

The greatness of our country’s education system lies in the combined efforts and greatness of its Academic Institutions and colleges spread all over the country. Hence whatever success SNT GAMSAT attains a share of the glory is reflected onthe growth of our country’s education system.

I felt extremely happy, when the Principal narrated the efforts taken by the Academy to produce the MBA graduates. Management studies are the most attractive studies in this century too. The 19th century way of Administration whether it is Private or public are no more relevant, because the ‘Administration’ is enforcing certain definite decisions which are subject to change at every stage of implementation. Every situation requires Management of the changingcircumstances. This shows that the Management Graduates are to be ready to face any situation through mental and intellectual strength by training and enhancing the knowledge every day. Updating knowledge is the basic requirement of a Manager. Otherwise the situation will bypass the Manager, leading to the failure ofthe system.

The digital technology has created much more competition in life, trade and Management. The Manager needs to use this digital revolution. The distance between the production location and market has narrowed down by better application of technology and digital regime.

India is endowed with rich natural resources and human resources. But we fail to protect them. But the failure is on the part of Management. From the Vedic days, Indians were best Managing experts of these resources. They never exploit the natural or human resources. But through ‘sacrifice’ and ‘research’ by using ‘ intellect ‘, they found and practiced that the human resources are to be trained insuch way that natural resources are beneficial to human resources without pain and suffering.

The exploitation of natural resources and human resources were imposed on India during the period of colonisation. Even after 65 years of Independence, India is suffering due to the mentality of exploitation of these twin resources for self aggrandisim naming it as ‘ commercialisation ‘. Commerce based on ‘Dharma’ isthe Indian way of business.

You, the young Managers of India -nay- the World, come out of these barriers and love the universe and practice the Management of ‘Art of Living with the nature rather than exploiting nature. Then you will feel oneness of the world,where both natural and human resources are complementary to each other, which is the greatness of our culture, tradition and secret of creation.

Young graduates should remember that putting ones heart and soul into what one does is essential for success. It does not matter what we do. It may be sweeping the floor, or managing the country. If we become passionate about what we do, whatever we do becomes beautiful.

A successful life is a continuous expansion of personality. It is a continuous change, growth, discovery, movement and transformation. Expansion of personality is the ultimate aim of education. Academic excellence is good but beyond that we have to think about human excellence as well

Before I conclude, I congratulate all those who have successfully completed their courses of study and are receiving their degrees at this convocation. My special compliments to the University Rank Holder.

I am sure that you will strive to realize not only your own dreams and aspirations in the years to come, but will also help many others to realize their dreams as well.

I hope you will make productive use of the quality education you havereceived here for the furtherance of our democratic ideas, for the larger Nationalcauses, for the protection and improvement of our natural and human resources andto realize the unfinished agenda before the Nation.



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