Sri Lankan Tamils and diaspora in a decade- Review

Parliamentarian Forum on Human Rights  for Global Development (PFHRGD) had done a lot of initiative to make the Parliamentarian in India and abroad understand the issue of Tamil ethnic minorities from 2009 just after the Elam war and consequential loss of assets and lives of lacs of people. The focus was on the rehabilitation especially the internally displaced and neighbour hood migration as refugees. The concept of PFHRGD is to make the Tamils get back their lost human rights and use the opportunity for human development and through which there will be Global development.These are the open ended questions for all of your participation :

1. Effort and response of Political parties , diaspora and citizens group  in this decade 2009 to 2019
2. What are the road map laid and achieved in these 10 years.
3. What are the weak spots to rectify and move on
4. What are the targets we have to achieve every year from 2020 to 2029 next decade with mid term review in 2024-25.

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