Admiralty Law-Maritime Law

Maritime Law is ancient and International trade and communication are part of it. India historically fore runner in International Trade to East Asia, Central Asia  and Europe -Rome even before the Maritme was codified. King Chola , Chera and Pandia and subsequently Pallava made the strategic trade and established their culture and language Tamil , where ever they went for Interrnational Trade war. This might have been followed by China and Europe subsequently. The colonisation started.  USA  consitutuion (1789) was drafted by many expert lawyers Alaxander Hamilton , John Adams and  James Madison were  all Admirality Law and  Maritime Law expert made the Article 7 drafted on the basis of the UK refusal to allow the independent States of US to have Jury system to solve the Civil cases as if the colony would follow only English Judges and stamps of UK , not adopting the UK judicial System of Jury.

Professors explain very nicely why ship is faminine gender “she” because it delivers goods in dock and the captain issues certificate just like birth certificate to a baby comes of watery womb of Mother.

In  1897 International Maritime Committee was promoted by Lawyers practicing in maritime and formulated and conducted the International conventions  including the Hague convention on Bills of Rules(International Convention on Bills of Lading, salvage convention and many ). Finally in 1958 UN formed IInternation Maritime Organisation  and became effective in 1974.

While Earth is surrounded by 70% Water India is having 2/3 coastel boundry . Through this winter course we are opening the window for your glimses   of International Law where Sky and Sea are the limit. It is for you the young genaration to use the territorial waters , Exclusive Economic Zone , contiguouse zone and International waters and the wealth every where in abundance of natural resources. The Door is open for you to become experts in International Law for which Indian Society of International Law was founded by the First Prime Minister of India Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru , as early as 1947 fore seeing the the domination of International Law on domestic Law and binding each one us.

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