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Refugee issue

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International Law on Human rights and refugee inflow 

One of the accepted human rights and assurance of civilised world is to protect the life and liberty of individual irrespective of the political acceptance and recognition by the sovereign country. The refugee law and the philosophy behind it is the touch stone of United Nations assurance and Universal declaration of Human rights . The resent trend of globalised economy and moving of the goods and services with the human resources along with capital is the most valuable aspect of Global citizenry nurtured over the half of the century by natural evolution and protected by UN institutions with the support of Sovereign countries . But the present decade is looking at the neglected aspect of refugees over the years as neo- invasion. Unfortunately the refugee issue was looked as Afro Asian habitual migrations. Now when USA and EU faced the situation they feel the brunt and cry for isolation and protectionism. 

“Think it aloud in different forum” is the noise of this modern world of Globalised economy. It shows and reflects the duality of rights and duties of sovereign countries.The policy makers deliberately brush aside the International Law on refugees and plea for protectionism as the democratic demand of the geographically divided sovereign countries by adding fences and closing harbours and visa obligations.
One has to loudly think how it becomes a necessity and compulsory for every right thinking people and policy makers to deliberate at the regional, and International institutional forums and find out the solutions. One side climatic changes because of over exploitation of natural resources pushes the population to move and migrate to better locations and on the other hand simple basic need for individual to get legitimate day to day needs of food, water , health care and habitat is eluding from their extended hands to make them as Internally Displaced People in their own country because of State extravagance and richness of capitalists way of life. In addition to this, non state actors and states go for pushing the civilians as the shield to pursue their unguided ambitions in the name of religion and ethnic in fights. 
All sovereign countries in this Twenty first century opening decades have to solemnly accept the “two world” purely man-made while applying the most accepted globalised economy as eighteenth century National capitalism enlarge its old dirty hand into the Multi National Corporations in the Global arena with out looking at their shadow – may lead to world disaster and calamity. 
The international law and regulations have not been synchronised with the domestic law and policy making as main weakness of sovereign states facing tremor under their feet by agitated ignored population by rulers through out the world.It is the time to sit across the Global Round Table to see the Sustainable Global Development Agenda declared in the high table of United Nations happens to protect the humanity from self destruction.

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