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Democracy in Republic

Dear friends,

Greetings from New Delhi.

Democracy in Republic is the talisman for achieving the human rights. The participants in the democracy should be conscious of the fact that the wide opportunity available in the political system is much more vulnerable to violate the human rights, unless the inbuilt system to purify itself in regular cleansing process of free and fair election is gone through.Moreover multiparty system is the order of the day as the the alternative parties could not practice the inner party democracy. If the established alternate parties allow the right of participation and it’s process in democratic way there in no need for initiating a new party whether in regional and national level. If the alternate parties failed to establish the procedure and allow to practice to the satisfaction of the party members and public then the multiparty system will come in to practice and fulfil the democratic established system .

The UK voters chose the halfway to third party ending in alliance government. Similarly Germany saw alternative parties coming together and formed the government for a term and fail to get second term by same parties. This continues in many other developed countries.

The underdeveloped countries are suffering in the deficit of confidence. Why does this happen ? There are many reasons and differ by geopolitical environment .

Dr.E.M.Sudarsana Natchiappan.MP

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